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This is the second release from indie folk rocker J.W. Schuller, following up 2013’s “All Important Artists.” It was produced, recorded and mixed at Underwood Studios in Minneapolis by Mark Stockert, who has worked with the likes of Brian Setzer, Charlie Parr, Dead Man Winter, Chastity Brown, Noah Levy, and Martin Devaney.


“…quirky indie rock you need to hear now. Even in the album’s darkest moments, Schuller delivers songs in a way that’s so charming, so funny, so in tune with the complexity of human emotion, you can’t help but smile. – Boulder Weekly

“The song’s [No Mud in Joyville] somewhat nonsensical verses and catchy chorus are of Schuller’s signature style, one which keeps the listener wondering what he’ll say next and simultaneously has them singing along after a minute or two. – BolderBeat

“…a wonderful blend of energy and grace, pace and purpose…J.W. has knocked it out of the park with this little gem.” – Dancing About Architecture

“From the fiery guitar work to the delightful fanfare, it all possesses incredible spirit.” – Beach Sloth 

“J.W. Schuller’s clever all-acoustic pop wouldn’t be out of place in an addendum to Magnetic Fields’ 69 Love Songs.” – Nashville Scene

“Suddenly, we’re being told about Frank Lloyd Wright’s sex life over music that somehow resembles The Beatles or Neutral Milk Hotel. It’s a hoot. Over and over, the songs on “All Important Artists” surprise in small, yet important ways. It’s an excellent, playful, vibrant album full of thoughtful, humorous songwriting.” – Duluth News Tribune

“Every so often, you happen upon music that you didn’t know you were missing, a kind of musical “aha moment”. All Important Artists is just such stuff, an original from beginning to end that occupies a space within your playlist that didn’t exist before. – Rift Magazine


J.W. Schuller is an indie folk rocker who recently moved to Denver from Minneapolis, where he played in bands ever since he picked up his older sister’s Stella Harmony at age 12. When his last band, U Joint, broke up after putting out a handful of records, he traded in his big, loud amp for a big Guild acoustic and started playing volunteer gigs at old folks’ homes. He dove headlong into the great American songbook, doing everything from the Gershwins, Irving Berlin and Hoagy Carmichael to Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Hank Williams. The experience changed his perspective on life and music, giving him a whole new bag of tricks to mix in with his punk/indie roots. Critics have compared his wide-ranging sound to everyone from Wilco and the Kinks to Neutral Milk Hotel and Magnetic Fields. He once did a solo tour to Nashville on his motorcycle with a special folding guitar strapped to the back of his bike. He currently plays as a trio with his nephew Jens Larsen on drums and backing vocals and Phil Chappell on bass.

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